Project Benefits Using AutoCAD Plant 3D

Over the past few years, here at Aura Engineering, we have moved towards using AutoCAD Plant 3D for an increasing number of our projects. We have found that this program not only helps our piping designers to increase their efficiency, but also provides many benefits to our clients. From a project’s conception, through design, construction, and then on to everyday use and maintenance, AutoCAD Plant 3D has been a proven time and budget saver when compared to more traditional two-dimensional programs. As the program’s name states, AutoCAD Plant 3D renders designs that are completely three-dimensional. Having three-dimensional designs available from [...]

We Answer Your Questions About Operational Reviews

What is an operational review and why do I have to do it?  Federal regulation 33 CFR 154 Subpart P, published in 2013, set the requirement that all marine vapor control systems (MVCS) must undergo an operational review (OR) by August 15, 2016. If your MVCS was commissioned between August 15, 2011 and August 15, 2016 then your system must undergo an OR before the five-year anniversary of your initial certification date. 33 CFR 154.2021 further states that after the initial review to be completed by 2016, or within 5 years of initial certification, all facilities must undergo an operational [...]

How to Harness Process Automation with a Customized Control System

Process automation is the backbone of modern industry. Across the world, computerized automation continues to improve the speed, precision, and costs of manufacturing, production, energy, and so much more that we rely on in our everyday lives.  Without sophisticated automation technology, businesses in many sectors of our global economy cannot thrive, grow, or compete. Having the right tools to take control of the game-changing power of process automation is critical to success, but without the right expertise, those tools can seem forever out of reach.  That’s where Aura Engineering comes in.  Industries We Serve Food and beverage Transportation Energy generation [...]

What is an Arc Flash Hazard Analysis?

At the very top of the list for accidents and malfunctions that no one wants in the workplace are unexpected explosions. A specific kind of explosion that can pose a serious hazard to large electrical systems is an arc flash. These dangerous occurrences can release energy and cause serious harm or even death to any personnel unlucky enough to be within proximity, not to mention destroying valuable industrial equipment. Even more terrifying is that arc flashes almost always happen when someone is in proximity to the panel. The electrical design experts at Aura Engineering can keep your team and equipment [...]

Process Hazard Analysis: Your Game Plan for Preventing System Failures

Predictability is the cornerstone of safety and reliability. Predicting problems that might arise within a system is essential to creating a proper maintenance and safety plan that prevents and/or mitigates system failures, environmental releases, and keeps workers and personnel safe. In order to accurately assess the probability of specific hazards, it becomes necessary to thoroughly examine all relevant processes and activities and ask tough questions. A Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) led by Aura Engineering is the first step toward identifying and neutralizing potential problems and hazards that could lead to system failure.  Two common methodologies of PHA are What-if and [...]

Two Completed Systems During COVID-19

During the same week, Aura commissioned two different types of systems for clients in Texas. Even though these start-ups occurred during COVID-19 travel restrictions, Aura was able to have key people on-site to ensure our clients, deemed essential during these times, were able to commission their new systems as smoothly and safely as possible.  Marine Vapor Control System - Corpus Christi, TX System One was a 40,000 barrel per hour (BPH) marine vapor control system which Aura designed, built, installed, and commissioned for a client in Corpus Christi, TX. The system was designed specifically for loading crude oil and crude [...]

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