Hurricane Preparedness and Recovery for Terminal and Transfer Facilities

As the destruction and disruption caused by Hurricane Ida sadly illustrate, hurricanes can put a major hurt on the oil and petroleum facilities located along the coast. As Aura Engineering works to help our neighbors and clients in Louisiana recover from the devastation, a discussion about how to prepare for major storms and recover quickly and efficiently afterward doesn’t get much timelier than right now.  Ida is only the latest disaster to disrupt the petroleum and petrochemical industries of late. The COVID-19 pandemic, unprecedented freezing weather across the U.S., pipeline cancellations, and unprecedented shipping delays in just the last couple [...]

What to Do Before Your Operational Review

This August, we’ve got some good news and some bad news. The bad news is, if your marine vapor control system (MVCS)  was commissioned between August 15, 2011 and August 15, 2016, then your system must undergo an operational review (OR) before the five-year anniversary of your initial certification date. That means if your system was commissioned in August 2016, you’re running out of time!  The good news, of course, is that Aura Engineering can make your operational review a simple and painless process. Often, we hear from clients who know their facility needs an operational review and are also [...]

Get Marine Vapor Control System Training from the Experts

Are your marine vapor control personnel due for system training? If they aren’t, chances are good that they soon will be. Facilities with marine vapor control systems (MVCS) must provide training under U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) regulations: Section 33 CFR 154.2030 for transfer/loading facilities and Section 33 CFR 154.2031 for barge cleaning facilities. Failure to provide regular training is not only unsafe, it can also result in significant USCG penalties.  Fortunately, Aura Engineering makes marine vapor control system training simple and easy. Often, we can even use it as an opportunity to save your facility money!  MVCS training is required [...]

Are You Prepared for Growing Demand for Oil Storage?

Oil and fuel storage are at a premium in 2021, and many experts say the demand will only grow over the next several years. A confluence of factors is responsible for the boom.  According to a recent report from industry analysts Grand View Research, increasing oil and gas production activities, along with the growing demand for crude oil in several end-use sectors, are expected to drive storage growth through 2027. Suppliers are focusing on inventories and infrastructure development to store crude oil in large quantities in order to meet rising crude oil demand worldwide. In addition, fluctuating crude oil prices [...]

Do You Have Enough Oil and Gas Storage to Weather the Next Crisis?

Good news for oil and petroleum product shippers: No massive vessel is currently blocking the Suez Canal at the moment! It took days to free the 400-meter-long Ever Given after it ran aground in the vital trade waterway in mid-March 2021. The costly delays required to free the mega vessel caused shipping rates for oil product tankers to nearly double as trade was rerouted.  The crisis was only the latest in a string of problems around the globe that affected the industry over the past year, including the COVID-19 pandemic, unprecedented freezing weather across the U.S., election hysteria, and other [...]

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