We Design And Build Custom Blending and Additive Injection Systems

Aura Engineering is proud to be an industry leader in providing full-service engineering and project management for custom blending and additive injection projects across North America. We design and build equipment that can blend or inject liquid petroleum products into any delivery lines your business needs. Our experienced team of engineers works closely with every client to ensure their custom skid is optimized for the performance, flow rates, pressures, temperatures, and electrical requirements their business demands. Aura Engineering always ensures the skids we design function in full compliance with all applicable regulations to ensure you’ll experience no fines or downtime. [...]

What to Know About Our Transload Facility Design and Construction Services

Transload facility construction is a hot topic in the oil and gas industry of late. Both the production and the demand for crude oil are on a major upswing in North America due to a variety of factors, and that growth could well continue for a long time. The present  infrastructure for transporting crude oil and finished petroleum products is currently limiting delivery, leading many companies to seek out new transloading facility design and construction services in order to meet demand.  Transloading is an attractive option for many companies looking to break into the oil and gas market, as it [...]

How to Make MVCS Operational Reviews Painless

Marine Vapor Control System (MVCS) Operational Reviews can be stressful. All certified marine vapor control system facilities are subject to strict government oversight. MVCS facilities must perform an operational review every five years in order to maintain compliance with the U.S. Coast Guard’s (USCG) vapor control system regulations.  That means a bad operational review can result in a shutdown. Fortunately, Aura Engineering is here to prevent that from happening. We make MVCS Operational Reviews as simple and painless as possible so that our clients maintain compliance with confidence.  Aura Engineering’s experienced team has been helping clients maintain compliance with USCG [...]

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