Mobile Additive Injection Skid

Additive injection systems are a very common piece of equipment at refined fuel loading terminals. Every fuel company, from Exxon to Chevron to Shell to Valero, has their own special additive for motor gasoline or diesel. Some are cleaning agents while others are high performance additives to help our vehicles [...]

Mobile Additive Injection Skid2019-04-23T03:40:46-05:00

Propane and Gasoline Loading of Railcar

One of Aura’s main competencies is the design of railcar loading facilities. We recently wrapped up such a facility for a client in Ohio. We designed a sixteen (16) spot loading rack for propane, butane, and natural gasoline. The loading facility is designed to load railcars simultaneously while accurately [...]

Propane and Gasoline Loading of Railcar2019-04-14T21:54:54-05:00
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