Two Completed Systems During COVID-19

During the same week, Aura commissioned two different types of systems for clients in Texas. Even though these start-ups occurred during COVID-19 travel restrictions, Aura was able to have key people on-site to ensure our clients, deemed essential during these times, were able to commission their new systems as smoothly [...]

Two Completed Systems During COVID-192020-05-26T12:16:17-05:00

San Antonio, TX – Turnkey Terminal, Transfer, and Vapor Facility

The facility had an old truck rack in San Antonio, TX that caught fire and was completely destroyed. Aura was hired to complete the turnkey project from design through construction and startup. Our goals were to furnish all engineering, materials, construction, commissioning, and regulatory interface services necessary to construct the [...]

San Antonio, TX – Turnkey Terminal, Transfer, and Vapor Facility2019-04-23T03:27:38-05:00
COVID-19 Action Plan

Our COVID-19 Action Plan

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