Process automation is the backbone of modern industry. Across the world, computerized automation continues to improve the speed, precision, and costs of manufacturing, production, energy, and so much more that we rely on in our everyday lives. 

Without sophisticated automation technology, businesses in many sectors of our global economy cannot thrive, grow, or compete. Having the right tools to take control of the game-changing power of process automation is critical to success, but without the right expertise, those tools can seem forever out of reach. 

That’s where Aura Engineering comes in. 

Industries We Serve

  • Food and beverage
  • Transportation
  • Energy generation
  • Chemical processing
  • Oil and gas
  • And more

The experienced engineering team at Aura designs, develops, and builds automation control systems for all kinds of industries, from midstream oil and gas to manufacturing, food production, energy, and even breweries. We work closely with our clients to create smart, easy-to-use systems that increase the speed and precision of many different processes to boost efficiency and profitability.

Every control system we design is a complete process automation solution custom-built to suit our client’s specific needs. It’s a bit like creating a giant circuit board: sensors, electrical inputs/outputs, interfaces, and programming create an automated system that can react to stimuli and perform complex tasks quickly and efficiently. The human interface, commonly known as the control panel, houses the programmable logic controller (PLC), communications devices, relays that indicate on/off, and different input/outputs. In addition to designing and developing your control system and control panel to your specifications, Aura Engineering can also teach your personnel how to use it. 

We do PLC Programming for Allen Bradley, Honeywell, GE, Omron, Schneider Electric, Wonderware, and more.

Whether managing the automation and manufacturing optimization system for a soda bottling plant or designing the control panels for a pumping station, our team of automation engineers always provides dependable, reliable control systems to fit any timeline or budget. In addition to designing and developing brand-new, custom control systems, we also work with clients to upgrade and replace control and plant information systems that are obsolete, inefficient, or non-functional. 

If your business or facility needs an innovative, cutting-edge automation solution to succeed in your industry, contact the expert engineers at Aura today. Our team is standing by to provide a free consultation on your control system needs and options in order to streamline your processes and help you serve your customers better than ever before!