Recently, Aura Engineering (Aura) teamed up with Kinley Construction (Kinley) to assist a client with the recommissioning of a brownfield storage terminal and barge offloading facility. Before it’s recommissioning, the terminal operated as an anhydrous ammonia storage and transfer system originally constructed in the 1960’s. The terminal is comprised of two (2) 150,000 barrel working capacity tanks, interconnecting piping, pumping equipment, and a barge dock along the Mississippi River just east of Blytheville, Arkansas. The storage tanks and the barge dock are located approximately one mile from each other.

One of the first steps in a recommissioning project such as this is to have the storage tanks inspected by an API 653 certified inspector—the two storage tanks at the facility were inspected and found to be in good working condition, especially for their age. After inspection, Aura was contracted to develop the tank overfill protection system and the automation required to safely close tank inlet valves to prevent an overfill.

Aura designed and fabricated two programmable logic controller (PLC) panels for the terminal. One panel was installed at the unloading dock to provide visual and audible warning systems to operators unloading barges into the tank, while the second panel was installed near the storage tanks to provide overfill warning alarms for operators working in the tank farm. Aura also designed and fabricated a radio communication system so the PLC panels can communicate with one another via a radio signal link.

Aura worked closely with Kinley to ensure the appropriate overfill devices were selected and purchased. In addition to device selection, Aura also provided Kinley with specification and purchasing guidance to ensure that the motor operated valves would have communication and control from the PLC panel system. Another feature the project included was a custom developed human machine interface (HMI) screen that allows the operators to verify the status of the tank high level system and confirm that the appropriate valves are opened for the transfer operations.

Aura takes pride in our ability to closely collaborate with partners companies, like Kinley, to ensure our clients experience seamless project management and an end product that is safe, reliable, and easy-to use.

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