Recently, Aura Engineering collaborated with Kinley Construction to complete a greenfield diesel transloading project located approximately one mile west of Park City, Montana. The client contracted Kinley to design and construct a turnkey transloading facility for diesel products that are transferred between railcars and over the road tanker trucks. 

While Kinley took care of construction, Aura provided the engineering design for the terminal facility including mechanical, structural, electrical, and controls engineering. Aura worked closely with Kinley to ensure the engineering design was constructed and commissioned to function as designed. As Aura and Kinley have been frequent collaborators over the past 10 years, the two were able to combine to create a seamless experience and top-of-the-line system for the customer. 

The diesel transloading operation is comprised of a two-spot railcar loading/unloading header system connected to two (2) transloading measurement skids used to load and unload diesel tanker trucks. The transfer skids are capable of transferring product from trucks to railcars, from railcars to trucks, along with railcar-to-railcar transfers. The skids, designed and provided by Sky Eye Measurement, and are capable of transferring products at rates of up to 400 gallons per minute. Each truck spot and railcar spot comes equipped with grounding and overfill systems to ensure the safe transfer of product. The facility also includes a wastewater collection system routed to an underground sump tank to capture any drips or accidental overfill events.  

Aura designed the system to allow for easy expansion. Recently, the client took advantage of this feature and expanded the facility to include rail to truck gasoline transloading.