Good news for oil and petroleum product shippers: No massive vessel is currently blocking the Suez Canal at the moment! It took days to free the 400-meter-long Ever Given after it ran aground in the vital trade waterway in mid-March 2021. The costly delays required to free the mega vessel caused shipping rates for oil product tankers to nearly double as trade was rerouted. 

The crisis was only the latest in a string of problems around the globe that affected the industry over the past year, including the COVID-19 pandemic, unprecedented freezing weather across the U.S., election hysteria, and other disruptions. 

Difficulties stretching through 2020 and into 2021 have led many of Aura Engineering’s customers to reevaluate their petrochemical storage capacities. Do you have enough storage to weather the next crisis? Can you handle the next price shock, dip in demand, or supply disruption? For too many businesses, the answer is “maybe not.”

Fortunately, Aura Engineering can help. Our experienced team has the manpower and expertise to support our clients with comprehensive services throughout every phase of building or upgrading a chemical or petrochemical storage or transfer facility. From project feasibility studies to design to commissioning and start-up and even maintenance, we offer complete, turnkey solutions for chemical and petrochemical storage.

A major key to our decades of successful service is our expertise in storage and transfer terminal compliance. The successful design, engineering, construction, and retrofitting of chemical storage and transfer terminals requires extensive regulatory experience. Aura’s talented and seasoned engineering team ensures that our work meets all applicable agencies’ standards to help prevent crises before they happen. 

Does your organization need additional storage capacity to meet the demands of the modern marketplace? Do your facilities require maintenance or retrofitting to ensure that you can answer the call when the next shoe drops? Then it’s time we talked. We can create a tailored plan to address your unique storage challenges as quickly and efficiently as possible given your budget and timeline. Contact Aura Engineering today for expert storage terminal facility designs and upgrades!