Our Instrument and Electrical Design

Aura Engineering’s team of senior electrical engineers and CAD designers work with you to develop specific, reliable, and profitable solutions for your facility because no two projects are exactly alike. Our team of engineering experts has a deep understanding of regulatory standards (NFPA, NEC, API RP, IEEE, and more) as well as expertise in designing systems that meet them in a safe and cost-effective way. Our electrical design services include, but are not limited to, the following:

 Review and Consultation on Existing Designs

Low- And Medium-voltage Power Distribution

Fault Current And Arc-flash Studies

Electrical Equipment Sizing, Specifications, And Documentation

Hazardous Location Classification And Layout

 Lighting Design And Analysis

 Cable Tray Routing And Autocad Drawings

Cable Schedules

 Interconnection Diagrams 

 Equipment Procurement


Control Panel Fabrication

Industrial control panels for use in hazardous environments are a specialty for Aura Engineering. Our experienced team has more than 30 years of experience designing, fabricating, installing, and maintaining control panels in Class I, II, or III, Division 1 and 2 Hazardous Locations, including those with intrinsically safe circuits. Our team designs each control panel individually to ensure that each one is safe, reliable and efficient. These may consist of a NEMA explosion-proof enclosure or a pressurized (purged) enclosure. All panel wiring is labeled, organized, and routed in designated raceways by our team of control panel experts.

Automation Control Systems

Aura Engineering uses industry-standard hardware and software to translate ideas into control systems that automate industrial equipment, processes, and data collection for our customers. In turn, customers choose Aura’s turnkey solutions to save on costs and improve productivity. We are committed to providing efficient, affordable, and tailored solutions across the entire project life-cycle.

PLC Panel Design

PLC Programming

Instrument Specification

System Architecture

Cause and Effect Matrices

Control Narratives

Instrument Installation Details

Loop Drawings

Terminal Automation Systems (TAS)

Ask The Experts

Our business has thrived and grown for three decades because we put in the necessary effort and care to ensure our custom solutions fit our clients’ needs. For details on Aura Engineering’s electrical and controls engineering and a free consultation on your needs, please contact us today