Electrical engineering is one of Aura’s specialties that sometimes flies under the radar. While a majority of our clients are part of the oil and gas industry, our team of talented and seasoned engineers provide design services to businesses of all kinds. Recently, Aura worked with clients in Texas and New Jersey to design and deliver electrical power distribution systems for two very different businesses with disparate needs.

What is Electrical Distribution System Design?

Electrical power distribution systems are critical equipment for businesses of all kinds. As the name implies, these electrical systems deliver current from a power source to lighting loads, motors, and other devices. In a nutshell, they provide electricity. 

A good electrical distribution system must safely and cost-effectively provide electric service to existing and future loads. The criticality of these power distribution systems demand that the selection, design, and installation of all components are done with care and expertise. 

Electrical Distribution System Design Projects

Recently, Aura provided electrical design for an architect working on a renovation of an existing building that was to house a medical facility. We provided the design for the electrical power distribution system for the entire building, including all receptacles, lighting fixtures, and HVAC equipment.

This client contacted Aura because they were having trouble with their city plan reviewers. The city was telling our client that they needed to install a backup generator because the building contained medical equipment.

Our team started by reviewing the National Electrical Code (NEC), which has specific requirements based on the level of care provided at doctors’ offices and medical facilities. After review of the code with the client, we determined that the level of care provided by this facility did not warrant installing a backup generator. Thanks to our experience in this area, we were able to save our client several thousand dollars based on knowing the correct code sections to apply to this design.

For another recent project, we were contacted by a marina to provide electrical power distribution design for multiple floating docks and a convenience store on the premises. Aura Engineering’s expert staff coordinated with the client and the electrical utility provider to locate power distribution equipment to efficiently service the lighting, convenience-store power, and shore power for boats and yachts docked at the facility. 

The project posed some significant challenges with voltage drop, due to the long runs of power cable required at these boat docks. Some of the docks were over 600 feet long. Voltage drop occurs when electrical lines are very long and the impedance of the conductor reduces the voltage at the end of the circuit where the load is connected.

There are varied solutions to the issue of voltage drop. The end goal of these solutions is to maintain the desired voltage at the load. This can be accomplished by just using larger conductors or even connecting multiple sets of conductors. For our client, it made the most sense to use larger conductors. Using larger conductors allowed the voltage to be maintained at 120V to serve the considerable power needs on the dock. This project forced our team to get creative with our power distribution locations. We worked closely with our client to balance the conductor size with cost to help the client remain on budget with the project.

We Offer Electrical Distribution System Design Services Across North America

No matter the questions or challenges associated with your electrical distribution needs, Aura Engineering can design and build a safe, efficient distribution system customized for your budget and timeline. Our experienced team brings decades of combined experience to the table on every project, and we are not limited by your industry or location.

Need expert electrical distribution system design services? Contact us at Aura Engineering today for a free consultation. We work hard to save our clients money while delivering safe and reliable distribution systems that power their business.