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Truck Loading and Unloading

Due to the recent boom in hydraulic fracturing operations across the country, Aura Engineering has become involved in the design and implementation of truck-loading and unloading facilities from South Texas all the way to Utah. Aura’s designs provide user-friendly interfaces for truck drivers and terminal operators to ensure quick and safe operation. One critical component of the loading and unloading operation is the custody-transfer equipment involved in the transfer of products from one company to another; Aura’s staff has the engineering knowledge and understanding of the requirements of the API standards for the proper custody transfer of petroleum products.

Rail Loading and Unloading

Aura Engineering has a staff of motivated and knowledgeable engineers that have designed, procured, and assisted in construction and start-up activities for several railcar loading and unloading facilities across the Unites States. Aura’s designs have provided our clients with solutions to meet the stringent needs of the railroad petroleum transportation industry. Most railroad operations require a 24-hour turn around or less on loading and unloading unit trains. Aura Engineering can specify and procure the necessary pumps, piping, metering, and automation systems to suit your facility's needs.

Aura has also designed several vapor balance systems to control the vapors that come off the top of railcars at the beginning of unloading unit trains.