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Cleaning Facilities

Before trucks, railcars and barges can be changed from one service to another, they must be cleaned of residual products. Before the actual cleaning can begin, the liquid heel and any vapor remaining in the container must be removed. In many states, these vapors must be collected and abated rather than being emitted directly to the atmosphere. The final abatement device and the method of gas freeing can vary depending on the nature of the operation and the chemicals being cleaned.

Barge Cleaning Facilities

Barge cleaning facilities are subject to the new USCG vapor control regulations in 33 CFR 154.2100. Aura has worked with multiple existing barge cleaning facilities to bring their systems into compliance with the new regulations.

Truck and Rail Cleaning Facilities

Many truck and railcar cleaning facilities utilize vapor control systems to reduce emissions from cleaning operations. Aura's vapor control experience allows us to design safe, economical systems that minimize emissions and improve operational reliability.