Aura designed a railcar crude unloading facility at a terminal in Hayti, MO that is capable of unloading a 120-car unit train in less than a 24-hour period. The unloading hose connections are situated between two tracks which gives the ability to stage a second unit train while the first train is unloading.  The header empties into a sump where it is then pumped to above ground storage tanks or directly to a barge. Vapors displaced during barge loading are collected and destroyed via an open flame flare.  The marine vapor control system is capable of recovering vapors at 4,600 bbl/hr.

We also designed a diesel truck loading and diesel additive injection rack covered by an 80’x80’ canopy for this facility. The loading rack consists of three (3) loading bays with two (2) loading arms at each bay for multiple compartment loading. Each loading arm can handle a rate of 500gpm. The loading operation is automated using Accuload flow computers to measure the correct volume and ensure the proper amount of additives are included in each load.  This facility has the capability to inject red dye, lubricity, and a high-performance additive. The truck loading area has a dedicated open flame flare to collect and destroy the vapors created during the loading process.

We designed the control panels, control scheme, rack, and the additive injection skid. We also provided start up and programming assistance and we were present during the first truck load.