As our nation still reels from the damage caused by Hurricane Ian, our hearts here at Aura Engineering go out to our fellow Americans who must now pick up the pieces in Florida, South Carolina, and elsewhere. As residents of the Gulf Coast and veterans of many hurricanes, we know all too well the damage that a major storm can wreak on homes and businesses alike. 

We also know how to rebuild after a hurricane. As our colleagues in the oil and gas sector begin to survey the damage, we are honored to share our expertise with facilities across the United States.

While being prepared before a storm hits is the best way to set your facility up for a smooth recovery, we understand that this is not always possible. That’s why our team of seasoned engineers and technicians remains on standby to respond to urgent callouts after a hurricane. We have the know-how to assist with quick and affordable equipment repairs and replacement.

Although Aura Engineering is the industry leader in ensuring marine vapor control systems meet U.S. Coast Guard regulatory compliance, vapor control equipment is not nearly all we can assist businesses with bringing back online after a storm. We are also experts at repairing and maintaining the workings of oil and gas storage terminals as well as product transfer facilities.  

Our seasoned engineering staff is standing by not only to help make recommendations, but also to source and even install any spare parts you need. Sometimes, the damage from a hurricane is so great that replacement parts simply won’t get the job done. In such cases, we can design and build new vapor control systems, chemical storage, control panels, and other equipment you need to start up operations again. 

If any sensitive equipment, such as control panels, was moved from your facility to a safer inland location away from the storm, Aura Engineering can quickly return your equipment to its proper place and get everything set up again for startup once the storm has passed. Whatever it takes to get your facility back to work, we can do. 

Unfortunately, hurricane season isn’t over yet! Don’t wait for the next storm to appear on radar. Contact Aura Engineering today for assistance with putting a smart, efficient plan together just in case another major storm comes your way. With many decades of combined engineering experience along the Gulf Coast, Team Aura has the expertise to help you prepare for hurricanes before they hit.

If your storage or transfer facility needs assistance to recover from Hurricane Ian or another disaster, contact Aura Engineering today. Our experienced team is standing by to help start your operations back up quickly and safely.