Aura Engineering is the top choice for many engineering projects in the petrochemical industry because our long history of expert service gives clients confidence. Recently, we partnered with a client in Texas to shepherd a turnkey facility expansion project through from beginning to end, providing everything our client needed to expand their capacity and grow their business safely in full compliance with all regulations.

Aura was contracted to provide design and engineering services for a terminal expansion in Seabrook, Texas for a long standing client. Aura enjoys a long-term design and engineering relationship with many of our clients thanks to our ability to adapt quickly to rapidly evolving process designs and decisions dictated by our clients’ needs. Our deep and experienced team allows us to address any changes quickly so they can be implemented during the construction process to meet the needs of the end users. Our competitive engineering fees and extensive knowledge of storage terminals, vessel loading systems and vapor control systems make us the best choice for terminal expansions and upgrades. 

The Seabrook project included the addition of 10 new above-ground storage tanks with internal floating roofs. Eight of the tanks have a capacity of 100,000 barrels and two of the tanks have a capacity of 120,000 barrels. These tanks are connected to a valve manifold and pumping system which includes 60 motor operated valves and nine pumps which can be aligned to connect to seven total ship and barge loading docks. Each pump has the capacity to move product at flow rates up to 5,000 barrels per hour each. The system is designed with bi-directional capabilities to send and receive product via pipeline and ocean-going vessels. The system is also designed with an instream blending system to inject special chemicals into the product stream as it is being loaded into a ship or barge.  The pumping system is fed from a 2.5-megawatt climate-controlled power distribution system with VFD controls for each pump. 

Aura completed the process, mechanical, electrical, and controls system engineering in house and worked closely with our subcontracted design partners to include civil and structural engineering for a complete turnkey engineering package. Due to the solubility in water with some of the products stored in the tanks, the civil drainage and containment was a very critical part of the design package. The design captures all wastewater and pumps it to an on-site wastewater treatment facility. 

The mechanical and structural engineering was completed using AutoCAD Plant 3D to ensure coordination between all structural and piping elements. In addition, the 3D model provides a clearer visual picture for the contractor and owner throughout the construction process. The electrical system includes over 3,000 feet of cable tray to route power and signal wiring to the pumps and instrumentation required to operate the facility safely with an automation system. Aura’s engineers provided the automation system programming and developed the Human Machine Interface (HMI) screens that the operators use to move product through the terminal. 

Are your terminal facilities ready for an upgrade or expansion? The friendly team at Aura can help guide you through the process every step of the way. Clients choose us again and again because we make it easy to work with a single vendor throughout the entire project, from planning to execution to regulatory compliance. Contact us today to discuss how we can help accomplish your goals!