Chemical and petrochemical vapor recovery and control systems have been a major focus of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the U.S. Coast Guard for years, and now with a new federal administration incoming, many experts believe that focus will be more intense than ever. The reason is simple: vessels at sea, transfer stations, and other midstream infrastructure emit gases or fumes that have the potential to cause severe damage to the environment.

In order to protect our communities and wildlife, there are many different laws at both the federal and state level governing and even mandating the use of vapor control and recovery systems. Aura Engineering works with clients across the country to design, build, upgrade, and maintain vapor control systems that are compliant with all applicable laws. Following the law is not our clients’ only concern, however. We work with many ethical and successful organizations who take pride in protecting not only the environment in which they live, work, and raise their children, but in protecting the reputation of their industry, too. 

Chemical and petrochemical transportation sometimes gets a bad rep for being harmful to the environment, and this notion can be buoyed by human error. From the risks of spills to vapor intrusion and worse, risks of environmental impact and damage are very real. Unfortunately, the indispensable importance of chemical and petrochemical refining and transportation makes these risks necessary. As a result, many oil and gas transportation companies make a more conspicuous effort to eliminate the types of pollution they can, whenever they can.

No reputable business wants to risk unnecessary damage to the air, water, and soil. Not only does ecological damage harm wildlife and natural resources, it can also ruin your organization’s reputation overnight. That can lead to the disruption of your business as well as loss of income and potential loss of your rights and privileges to transport cargo or dock in specific areas. If you subcontract for other companies, your damaged reputation as a responsible transporter may also be negatively affected, making it a struggle to rebuild your clientele even after cleanup has been performed and regulations have been met.

The experienced team at Aura Engineering can help you avoid such a disaster. Since the 1990s, our team of pollution-control engineers has designed and installed fully customized chemical and petrochemical vapor control systems across the United States and beyond. We create efficient, compliant systems to suit any project, any flow rate, and any facility. No matter your pollution-control challenges, we can help—whether you need a permanent solution such as skid-mounted or field installed equipment, or even a temporary mobile unit.

Thanks to our decades of industry expertise and leadership, we can guarantee 100-percent environmental compliance for your company. If your operation is ready to go green, contact us for more information about how we can assist with your vapor recovery needs.