You already know that all storage and transfer facilities in the United States must maintain compliance with the EPA’s air standards or face potentially serious liabilities. It’s at the state level, however, where things can quickly get confusing. The EPA allows each state to govern its own environmental rules as long as the minimum federal standards are met. Naturally, different states have different ideas about what constitutes acceptable air quality. The rules to maintain an air permit are more stringent in some states than others. Even the names given to these air permits vary considerably from state to state. 

Keeping track of the different air permitting rules across the country can be a challenge. We should know—Aura Engineering is an expert in these regulations. If your organization is building or retrofitting a facility and needs to apply for a state air permit, problems can occur even if the process is handled by experienced personnel. Applying for and receiving the wrong air permit can severely limit the systems you are legally allowed to build and operate, making profitability vastly more difficult. That’s where we come in. 

Before your organization applies for a permit, give Aura Engineering a call. Our team can begin the initial design work that will help us identify the best (and least stringent) permit you can apply for. It’s unfortunately commonplace for our clients to engage a company that specializes in permitting first. All too often, these businesses will procure a permit for your organization that is much more restrictive than necessary. Because the equipment needed to comply with these unnecessarily restrictive permits is much more expensive than what is truly needed, gratuitous costs add up quickly.

Since the 1990s, our seasoned team has worked with clients across the United States to design, build, and maintain fully customized chemical and petrochemical vapor control systems. But don’t wait until you’ve already received your permit to give us a call—contact our expert engineers before you apply for an air permit. We will help ensure that your organization applies for and receives the air permit best suited to your business interests. 

Choosing Aura can help bring your facility online faster, without wasting time waiting for a permit to be granted to begin designing. We can help facilities across the country achieve and maintain air permit compliance with an emphasis on cost efficiency.

All it takes to get started is a phone call. Contact us today for a free consultation!