When it comes to solving system maintenance challenges, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That’s why Aura Engineering recommends smart, affordable preventive maintenance service to all of our clients. There’s no better way to save yourself time, money, and stress in a crisis than preventing that crisis from happening in the first place. Our experienced team has the skills to bring your facilities up to top performance—both before and after something goes wrong.

Aura Engineering has spent decades burnishing our reputation for reliably replacing old, worn-down transfer facilities and control systems with new, cutting-edge equipment. Nevertheless, many of the design and engineering projects we tackle could be minimized or eliminated with regular preventive maintenance on existing systems. Our affordable preventative maintenance is like insurance that prevents shutdowns and costly downtime. 

We work on storage terminal facilities, transfer facilities, and control systems of all kinds to ensure that all valves, sensors, meters, and switches are working properly and serviced when necessary. Our work keeps our clients’ systems operating efficiently at all times, reducing the risk of system failures and shutdowns. Clients love our preventive maintenance service because it saves them tens of thousands of dollars in revenue lost to downtime and demurrage fees. 


“There’s nothing worse than a middle-of-the-night callout shutdown that lasts 12 hours. That’s why I call Aura. They came out and educated my team on how to read a shutdown log and eliminate time, fees, and costs associated with an unplanned shutdown. It’s a lot of peace of mind for very little cost.”

—Tim Hambright, Operations Manager, Cushing, OK 

In much the same way that a tune-up for your car is more affordable than repairing or replacing it, our system maintenance services allow our clients to get a long, productive life out of their equipment for less. Aura Engineering’s experienced, on-call service technicians only charge reasonable hourly rates, and our close, long-standing vendor relationships allow us to quickly source any replacement hardware needed. It’s a small, smart investment to ensure that your facilities never have to experience downtime. 

If you do pass on the preventive maintenance and later experience some issues, it’s no problem—we’re here to help. Our team is able to quickly diagnose system failures and work with onsite personnel to resume operations safely. Keeping your electrical and control systems running smoothly is our specialty. 

If you’re ready to protect your bottom line with ongoing technical support from seasoned design and engineering experts, contact Aura Engineering today. We’re standing by to keep your team and your facility operating at maximum efficiency.