Is your team looking for a UL 508A Industrial Control Panel Fabricator for your next project or control system upgrade? You’re looking for Aura Engineering. 

Aura has completed the process for certification as an Underwriter Laboratories (UL) 508A-certified control panel manufacturer. UL 508A is the industry standard in safety for industrial control panels.  UL is a global safety certification company dedicated to promoting global safety through collaborative research and data-sharing. 

About Aura Engineering

Aura’s engineers and designers have over 40 years of combined experience with industrial control panel design and fabrication. Now, we’ve taken the next step with our panel offerings. UL 508A certification ensures that our clients are receiving the best quality, most reliable, and safest equipment for their control-panel applications. This certification provides the inspection authority and reliable, third-party approval that our control panels comply with nationally recognized safety standards. 

Our custom control panel fabrication shop is a 3,600-square-foot facility with high-lumen LED lighting and ample space for fabricating multiple control panels at a time. Our team of fabricators uses high-quality cutting, bending, and calibrated tools to ensure that all panel components are installed in accordance with UL standards. 

Whether you’re looking for a simple relay panel to provide audio and visual warnings for your terminal facility, a complex programmable logic controller (PLC) panel to control a vapor control system, or a system to control your food/beverage canning assembly line, we can provide the certified design, fabrication, and commissioning you need. 

Our Process

After working with our clients to identify proper specifications and goals for controlling their process, we take the first steps toward development of the industrial control panel for their application. The first step in designing a UL 508A control panel is to have a detailed I/O list for the devices that the panel will be controlling. The I/O list will determine the size of the controlling device, the quantity of terminal strips, and how large or small the panel will be.

Once the I/O is determined, a bill of material (BOM) and general arrangement for the panel is developed. The general arrangement for a UL 508A control panel requires attention to spacing requirements to ensure all circuits can be routed from field devices to terminal blocks in a neat and orderly fashion. Adequate space must be maintained between components to ensure sufficient workspace is available when the panel is installed in the field. The BOM will be verified with the UL listed and UL recognized component database to ensure all components installed are compliant with the UL standard. 

Control Panel Fabrication

The control panels are then fabricated with all components, wiring, and labeling installed in accordance with the design drawings and specifications in order to meet the UL 508A standard. All wiring terminals are torqued with a certified torque screwdriver to ensure that the wiring is not loosely installed or crushed due to improper installation. Upon completion of the fabrication process, the panels will be inspected by a UL-certified panel inspector. Upon completion of the inspection, a UL seal is affixed to the control panel indicating the panel’s industry-standard compliance and certification. 

In addition to UL 508A control panels, Aura is also UL 698A-certified, meeting the industry standard for industrial control panels relating to hazardous locations. No matter what kind of control panel your organization needs, you can rely on Aura Engineering to deliver a safe, standardized product.

Call the Experts

The experienced team at Aura Engineering is standing by to assist with UL-certified control-panel fabrication and upgrades. We’re proud to work with clients across many industries to engineer safe, reliable control solutions. Contact us today for a free consultation on your control-panel and safety needs!