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Our company has a long and distinguished record working with the U.S. Coast Guard on regulatory compliance-related issues and questions. Aura Engineering’s leadership was involved in the development of the initial vapor control regulations in the late 1980s (33 CFR 154 Subpart E) and instrumental in designing the first marine vapor control systems in the early 1990s. More recently, Aura was involved in the development of the latest regulations published in 2013 (33 CFR 154 Subpart P) as well as the policy letters clarifying those regulations that have been published afterwards.

Since the very beginning, our leadership and expertise has been recognized by the vapor control industry, the U.S. Coast Guard, and the Department of Homeland Security. That leadership continues today. Our longstanding relationship with the US Coast Guard will help ensure all your compliance needs are taken care of, making your certification process smooth and worry-free.

Marine Transfer Compliance
Compliance Certification

Vapor Control Systems Certification and Recertification

Our compliance experts can assist with not only the certification of new vapor control systems, but also with recertification of existing systems that have been modified. If you plan to make any modifications to your existing marine vapor control system (MVCS), contact us today to speak to our compliance specialists Chris Lawrence and Ashley Castle for a detailed consultation and advice on whether recertification of your system is required or not.

MVCS Vapor Compliance

MVCS Operational Reviews—33 CFR 154 Subpart P

In 2013, the latest edition of the vapor control system regulations (33 CFR 154 Subpart P) started a new operational review process. This review process requires all marine vapor control systems (MVCS) to be reviewed by a certifying entity every five years.

Aura Engineering makes the MVCS operational review process painless. Our compliance team has performed operational reviews across the United States for companies large and small, and we can help ensure your five-year operational review is smooth and successful as required by 33 CFR 154 Subpart P.

Contact us today for full details on the operational review process.

MVCS Testing

MVCS Annual Testing—33 CFR 154.2150(r)

Our service team can perform your USCG required annual testing per The U.S. Coast Guard requires annual testing of marine vapor control systems under 33 CFR 154.2150(r). Our seasoned service team makes this annual inspection and testing process simple and comprehensive for your facility.

If any problems or inefficiencies are discovered during inspection and testing, our team can provide troubleshooting and repair services to keep your system online. Contact us today for a consultation on the requirements under 33 CFR 154.2150(r) or to schedule your annual testing.

MVCS Testing

MVCS Training—33 CFR 154.2030

The U.S. Coast Guard requires that all personnel in charge of a transfer that uses a marine vapor control system be trained in the operation of the system. If your facility workforce requires operation training or a refresher course, Aura Engineering is here to help. Our team of vapor control systems experts is standing by to provide all of the on-site or remote training your system operations staff needs to remain in compliance with all applicable laws and regulation, ensuring safe, smooth operation and transfer at all times.

To schedule your training or ask questions about the requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact Aura Engineering today. We’re well equipped to train personnel at transfer facilities large and small anywhere you need us.

Compliance Articles

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