The most important aspect of data management for many of Aura Engineering’s storage terminal clients across the United States is data security. Blocking malware and hackers from disrupting processes and holding your data hostage is critical to maintaining trust and a reputation for quality service with your customers. If they aren’t convinced you can self-host their data securely, attracting their business becomes a challenge.

What many of our clients are surprised to learn is that data storage and management in the cloud often offers the most secure option for terminals of all sizes. 

Cloud storage means that terminal data isn’t stored on individual, vulnerable servers, hard drives, or spreadsheets. Instead, critical data is uploaded to the cloud and stored on secure networks of servers that unify data from all your terminals into a central hub. If any server goes down at one of your terminals, you can fire up a new server and restore the data from the central system. This allows you to see your entire inventory in real-time and optimize your assets.

Aura Engineering works with some of the world’s leading industrial automation companies to provide our clients with unbeatable system integration: Dearman and Aveva Insight. The cloud-based data platforms we provide empower your teams to make agile decisions and transform operations with quick access to actionable information from across multiple terminals. This provides the quickest and simplest method to increase your operational agility, resilience, and sustainability.

Our cloud services clients realize immediate, tangible benefits to digital data integration: 

  • Access data from multiple terminals from anywhere on your network, or even remotely.
  • Integrate existing, legacy systems and databases with the cloud, leveraging your existing infrastructure.
  • Quickly automate labor-intensive tasks like tank gauging and controlling motor-operated valves inside the tank farm.
  • Gain real-time insights into process and product storage from anywhere on your network.
  • Precise, real-time reporting on your operational efficiencies and deficits.

Due to the rise in remote working spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic, multi-site data collaboration, asset reliability, and access to real-time operational KPIs are more critical than ever before. If you’re ready to make your terminal data storage more secure and easier to access than they’ve ever been, it’s time we talked. 

Contact Aura Engineering today to gain access to actionable terminal-data insights from anywhere, at any time, from any device. Welcome to the Terminal of the Future.