Stay Prepared with Spare Parts and Maintenance from Aura Engineering

As an essential business, Aura Engineering is at full staff during the COVID-19 crisis, ready to assist our clients with all of the engineering and design services they rely upon. All of our clients in the storage terminal and transfer facility industries are essential businesses as well, but this situation is far from business as usual. The crisis has highlighted certain needs that have become more challenging to meet in a time of social distancing and trade disruptions. One issue we have been paying very close attention to is the industry’s demand for spare parts. 

There’s no question that it’s helpful to have plenty of spare parts on hand under any circumstances, but as shipments slow and maintenance workers are sent home, many of our clients find that getting the spare parts and replacement parts they need to keep systems functioning in compliance with the law is not as fast or simple as it once was.

Fortunately, Aura Engineering is here to help. We’re available to help you get all of the spare parts you need during the current crisis and beyond. Aura Engineering has an experienced, fully staffed procurement department that take pride in our longstanding vendor relationships. We are standing by to provide the best equipment and prices on the market to save our clients from costly, unnecessary downtime due to malfunction. 

Best of all, we can even help you install spare parts and ensure that your systems are functioning properly! Contact us today us for all of your spare parts, systems design service, and maintenance needs. We have the personnel and expertise necessary to train your staff on site. During this pandemic, essential businesses don’t have the luxury of downtime. Let us help keep your facility and systems up and running within compliance. 

COVID-19 Action Plan

Our COVID-19 Action Plan

We are here to help.  See Our Plan

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