Transload facility construction is a hot topic in the oil and gas industry of late. Both the production and the demand for crude oil are on a major upswing in North America due to a variety of factors, and that growth could well continue for a long time. The present  infrastructure for transporting crude oil and finished petroleum products is currently limiting delivery, leading many companies to seek out new transloading facility design and construction services in order to meet demand. 

Transloading is an attractive option for many companies looking to break into the oil and gas market, as it allows businesses to start moving product quickly while waiting for larger facility infrastructure to be designed and built. When petroleum transportation businesses in the U.S. and Mexico need new or upgraded transloading facilities, they call the experts at Aura Engineering. 

For decades, Aura Engineering has been a trusted and experienced provider of chemical and petrochemical transfer facility solutions. We have the necessary skills to tackle any design and construction project, including loading, unloading, and transloading. No matter where in North America your business needs new transportation capacity, our team is standing by to assist with transloading systems for truck, rail, marine, and pipeline.

Typically, Aura provides the engineering design for new transloading terminal facilities, including mechanical, structural, electrical, and controls engineering. We work closely with construction companies to ensure our engineering design will be constructed and commissioned to function exactly as designed. Because we have a close and frequent working relationship with some of the most prominent and trusted oil and gas construction companies in North America, we’re able to provide a seamless experience and top-of-the-line system for every customer. 

Does your transloading facility require additive mixing? That’s no problem for our engineering team. Aura Engineering can design and fabricate loading facilities that incorporate an additive injection system at the loading rack. Our team is highly experienced in providing mobile injection skids that can move from railcar to railcar.

No matter your business’s unique needs, Aura Engineering is capable of providing any client with customized engineering and construction solutions to meet the ever-changing requirements of the North American fuel transportation markets. As with all our projects, Aura ensures all transloading facilities meet standards from API, PHMSA, DOT, and other relevant agencies for the proper custody transfer of petroleum products. We will even train your personnel to safely operate your new transloading system.

If you’re ready to help meet increasing demand for oil and gas product transportation, Aura Engineering can help! Contact us today for a free consultation on your transloading needs. Our team of experts is standing by to answer your questions and help you find the best solution for your business!