Across North America, Aura Engineering is known as an innovator and industry leader in vapor control systems for the petrochemical industry. What’s less well-known is that our expertise extends far beyond the vapor control business. Our team of skilled and experienced engineers are capable of leading construction projects for many different kinds of facilities related to the safe transport and storage of chemical and petroleum products. Some of the most important jobs that we do are engineering and building product transfer facilities of all kinds.

Bulk product transfer is essential to the global transport of petroleum and petrochemicals, and safety and efficiency are key to smooth and compliant transfers. Aura designs and builds custom, turnkey transfer facilities for barge, trucking, and rail that meet all requirements from the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) and other agencies. Our dedicated team of engineers takes the lead on these projects, beginning with design and procurement all the way through to construction and start-up activities for loading, unloading, and transloading operations in the United States, Mexico, and beyond. We are a first-choice engineering firm for our clients because we have a long track record of safety and successful cooperation with the USCG.

While most Americans know little about how oil and gas are transported from producing fields around the world and refined into products that must then make their way to our town and cities, Aura Engineering is intimately familiar with the challenges that the demand for petroleum and petrochemicals poses. We develop sophisticated, computer-aided automation systems that reduce risk and improve efficiency compared to the performance of older transfer facilities. 

In addition to the design and implementation of brand-new transfer stations, our team can also lead efforts to refurbish and upgrade existing facilities. This allows us to devise customized solutions for every transfer station client’s needs. We can specify and procure the necessary pumps, piping, metering, and automation systems to suit any facility’s requirements. We reliably deliver greenfield and brownfield site development, drainage grading plans, survey layouts of equipment and facilities, and much more. 

At every step of the process, safety and USCG compliance are always our highest priorities. Aura successfully aids clients across the U.S. meet standards from API, PHMSA, DOT, and other agencies for the proper custody transfer of petroleum products. 

If your custody transfer facility is in need of parts, control systems, or other upgrades—or if you need a new transfer facility altogether—contact the experts at Aura Engineering today. Our specialists have decades of combined experience helping clients achieve high transfer volumes safely and reliably. 

Call us today for a free consultation on your needs. No matter the challenges facing your project, we can devise a solution customized to fit your timeline.